Club Team FAQs

Can a student try out for a team without being a current student at WMU?

For the club team you will need to be a full-time WMU student. For intramural sports you would need at least one WMU credit and pay the tuition enrollment fee (from a non-online WMU class).

How can a student try out for the team?

We would plan to conduct tryouts when needed. We’re starting this initiative as a club sport, so after guidelines are created, it would be mostly student driven with staff or faculty advisors. Students will decide what games they want to compete in, find other colleges to compete with, and form the teams (conduct tryouts, etc.) for the club.

If a student doesn’t make the club team, will they still be able to use the arena?

If a student doesn’t make the club team we may offer intramural esports teams for WMU students to join.

Will students need to own their own set-up?

WMU will be purchasing gaming computers for the esports arena. The final number of computers is still being discussed.

Will there be different teams for different competitive games, or will there be one team that tries their hand at all the games?

We are planning for multiple games and teams, there could be some players that crossover but they could be separate game focused teams all reporting up to the one esports club.

What’s the most important factor while looking for a student for the team?

That will most likely be up to the club’s student leadership, but it could involve high scores, team work or leadership, among other factors.

What competitions would the Esports teams be able to participate in?

The club will decide what tournaments they would like to participate in, with the option of possible collegiate conferences, and college scrimmages.